• Be honest, open and transparent
  • Place the same value in your brand as we do our own
  • Follow our systems and processes to deliver consistently great service
  • Work harder than our competitors to understand your business and its challenges
  • Never deliver staff that we would not employ ourselves.


Libera – the name – comes from the Latin word to deliver.
  • Delivering waste to recycling depots and landfill
  • Delivering all kinds of freight from its source to its destination
  • Delivering goods through distribution warehouses to shops
  • Delivering manufactured product from the raw material to finished product.


We are the transition experts. In our business, there are two types of transition.​

Transitioning staff from Libera to the client
Libera can effectively provide a ‘stepping stone’ into a permanent role within your business to test potential staff.

Transitioning an existing workforce from another agent
Transitioning people from one provider to another is a process we have learnt through much experience. This experience is the basis for our standard operating procedure for this undertaking.


Our clients are not 9 to 5. As a result, neither are we. Whilst few of our clients operate 24/7, some operate multiple shifts starting at irregular times. For this reason, if you are one of those clients we are here to support you, whatever the hour of the day or night.


Libera offers our clients the flexibility that is needed to keep businesses profitable. We supply staff for both short and long term assignments with a variety of skill levels to ensure the right person is selected and sent to the right job.

We have a saying in our business ‘don’t send someone to a client that we would not start ourselves’. This is true for any assignment regardless of time and size.



  • Ensure our staff are always working in a safe environment
  • Treat all our staff with dignity, respect and empathy
  • Help our staff to learn and grow wherever we can
  • Reward our staff however we can
  • Encourage our staff and help them to reach their goals
  • Show our staff the gratitude they deserve
  • Align the interest of our staff with those of our clients wherever we can.


We take the safety of our clients, candidates and field staff very seriously. The Shed 7 Group has invested heavily in our Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS). It is one of the cornerstones of our suite of systems and processes.